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"...I think the most important thing for me to keep in mind as a designer is to be authentic to the story at hand. My process is grounded in detailed exploration of the material through both text analysis and visual research.

Of all design elements, few are interacted with as intimately by actors as costumes,

and I find having an impact on something so intimate very empowering."

- Victoria Nicolette Gist, Voyage Houston:  Meet Victoria Nicolette Gist 

"The design (lighting by Grey Starbird, sound by Janel J. Badrina, costumes by Victoria Nicolette Gist,

projections by Alexander Schumann and Aayani) is impressive across the board." 

- The New York Times:  Two Tales of Disconnection, With One Cicada Cameo

"Throughout, the costumes by Victoria Nicolette Gist are tasty and masterful." 

- HoustonPress:  The Book of Magdalene Offers a New Take on an Old Saint


"Symbolism-intensive and purposefully poetic in diction, “The Book of Magdalene” is not the

sort of play to which I ordinarily warm, but its stageworthiness is self-evident...

Good cast, good costumes, and a giant insect puppet whose unexpected

appearance (in both senses of the word) will startle you."

- The Wall Street Journal:  ‘Katie Roche’ and ‘The Book of Magdalene’ Reviews: A Pair of Saints


“Getting to learn more about Willa Kim and her love of just the art form itself and the importance of being able to,

whether it’s quick or not, communicate your vision to a director and to a creative team through the

brush strokes or through watercolor, has been really inspiring,” says Gist. “It’s nice

to be able to remind yourself as a costume designer that while your job

is to get it done, you are an artist as well.”

- Victoria Nicolette Gist on her Willa Kim Costume Design Scholarship,

American Theatre Magazine:  What Clothes After Closure? 4 Young Designers Have Some Ideas


"Everything's minimal: …Victoria Nicolette Gist's contempo costumes of skinny jeans and Ethan's shlumpy outfit…

In its own simple way, From White Plains is effective and justified."

HoustonPress:  Who's the Bully in 'From White Plains' at MATCH?

"The creative team adds a lot to the production with bold choices. The costumes, designed by

Victoria Nicolette Gist, range from historical to garish and hit just the right notes." 

UH Production of 'Topdog/Underdog' an Expressionistic Feat


"I also enjoyed Victoria Nicolette Gist's costumes that seemed plausible and fit the sensibilities of the characters." 

Houstonia Magazine:  There is Heart to Be Found Amid 'The Hard Problem'

"Victoria Nicolette Gist, Stella Katz, and Regan A. McKay are the inaugural recipients of the new Willa Kim Costume Design Scholarship, honoring the late costume designer by paying it forward to student artists."

Playbill:  3 Young Costume Designers Earn Inaugural Willa Kim Scholarship

"Theatre Communications Group (TCG) has announced recipients of the 2019 Willa Kim Costume Design Scholarship,

a new initiative to provide support to costume design students enrolled in a professional training

program in honor of Willa Kim. The inaugural recipients are students

Victoria Nicolette Gist, Stella Katz, and Regan A. McKay."

American Theatre:  TCG Announces Willa Kim Costume Design Scholarship Recipients

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